International Scholarships 2018-2019 Fully Funded

                 International Scholarships 2018-2019

Over the years, we have recorded cases of bright International Students with an excellent future to study abroad, give up their dreams of pursuing qualitative education in some study abroad destination due to poor Funding .

Some are so happy that they were selected to study in a prestigious university abroad for a tuition fee Scholarship but guess what? They end up abandoning the scholarships for international students opportunity based on VISA and Travelling Ticket issues.

I have a report from Nigeria of a young man who got an opportunity to study abroad in a university in UK under a tuition Fee Scholarship, as bright as he was, his parents couldn’t raise the capital to fund his movements and his travelling Papers.

I’m not only dwelling on VISA and Travelling Issues, there also issues like the Books, Accommodation, Feeding Allowance, and other Expenses to be incurred during the course of Study.  These are issues that can terminate the vision of any Student from any part of the World be it developing countries, The Caribbean, ASEAN Regions, Europe and Africa.

This post is giving you the assurance that there are International opportunities that can take care of your Accommodation fees, Books, VISA and Travel fees, Tuition Fees, and any other Expenses.

The International Scholarships, Opportunities, Fellowships you and I will share today will provide the needed results. We believe that most Students are eligible for these scholarship just that they needed is a clear cut direction on how to apply and Win these Scholarships.

These are the reasons why World Scholarship Forum Exist, to clear all possible doubt about Scholarships and how to get them.

There are many things y

ou need to know about Scholarships which will help you make decisions. That’s why you have to read this content to the end.

Follow us carefully

How does Fully Funded Scholarships Work?


A clear understanding of word “Scholarship” will give you an insight of How Fully Funded Scholarships Work and whether to Apply for an International ScholarshipMasters ScholarshipsUndergraduate ScholarshipsPhD and Research Scholarships.

From Wikipedia Definition; A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarship money is not required to be repaid.

  IED Partial International Scholarships For International Students - Italy & Spain 2018

Majorly Scholarships can be either Fully Funded or Partially Funded. Partially


Funded Scholarships are scholarships which the

fund released does not totally cover the Expenses incurred during the course of Study. Meanwhile Fully Funded Scholarships totally covers not just the tuition fee but all the required Expenses, like Accommodation fees, Books, VISA and Travel fees.

For the Course of this article, we’ll be focusing on Fully Funded Scholarships ONLY.

Here is the Deal!!

Fully Funded Scholarships works with the vision of building academic giants in various countries of the world who can go back to cause a massive change in their various Localities.  This also strengthen the Cultural bond between the Host c


ountries and beneficiary Countries.

These Scholarships can either be po

wered by governments of developed nations Like the Fulbright Scholarship, powered by the USA government, Commonwealth, Chevening and Erasmus Mundus Scholarships powered by the UK Government. The Japanese MEXT Scholarships in Japan. Canada Government Scholarships, Hungarian Government Scholarships, Australia Government Scholarships and so on.

Other Fully Funded Scholarships are organized by United Nations, W

orld Bank Programmes. Now you understood how it works and what it


entails, let’s discuss who is ELIGIBLE for the Fully Funded Scholarships?

Who is Eligible for the Fully Funded Scholarships?

Are you looking elsewhere? YO


You are eligible for a fully funded Scholarship. Don’t worry I know what’s going on in your mind.

You‘re asking HOW? How can I be Eligible? But the bitter truth is WH


Y can’t you be?

A Fully Funded scholarship is for everyone, all you need to do is FIND A SCHOLARSHIP that is suitable for you.

Good a thing, the is a hub for educational opportunities for Undergraduate studies, college scholarships,


opportunity for Masters Student, research and PhD Studies too, so don’t worry you are in the right place.

Every scholarship has its own criteria or eligibility requirements, so in other to know if

you are eligible for a particular scholarship follow the scholarship link on the portal, there you will see information like: Brief Description, Host country, level, ELIGIBILITY, how to Apply, scholarship deadline etc.

  Igbinedion University School Fees Schedule, 2018/2019

Below in this article, is a list of Fully Funded Scholarships for international students to study in different part of the world, you can even find more in our portal that specifically meet your need.


What are my Chances of Getting a Fully F

unded Scholarships?

UNESCO statistics reveal which places around the world that attract the most overseas students to their universities which was reported by  . Your


Chances of getting a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study abroad is very high owing to the statistics below.

You will find out that the United States of America tops the List of Countries that accept international Students. This gives you an edge to Apply for a Scholarships in USA more than other countries. There are Fulbright Scholarships for every country that has a US Embassy. What are you waiting for?

On the Other hand, Countries like UK, France, Germany, Russia and Italy that run the Erasmus Mundus Fully Funded Scholarships for international Students are also on the List of best Study Abroad Countries that accepts International Students.

Canada, Australia, China, Japan, also made the list of Study abroad

destinations. The Government of these Countries offer Fully Funded Scholarships for Undergraduates, Masters, PhD and Research Studies.



1 US 740482
2 UK 427686
3 France 271399
4 Australia 249588
5 Germany 206986
6 Russia 173627
7 Japan 150617
8 Canada 120960
9 China 88979
10 Italy 77732 



What Do I stand to gain if I Win a Fully Funded Scholarship?

A Fully Funded Scholarship Winner Stands to gain a whole lot. These ranges from:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Books Allowance
  • VISA and Travel fees
  • Feeding Allowance
  • Any other Expenses

Sure Tips on How to Win a Fully Funded Schol



For you to win a Fully Funded Scholarship. You Must:

  • Subscribe to Newsletters from Scholarship information websites:
  • Check for Eligibility Requirement
  • Consult any of the Scholarship Alumnus:
  • Apply at Least one Month before Deadline:
  • Go Straight to the Point or Be Concise:
  • Check your spelling and word phrasing:
  • Get a Copy of your Application

Now! We promised you of International Opportunities Right?


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